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Day 1 — Milan

We arrived safely in Milan this morning around 10am after two long flights and an interminable bus ride. Fortunately we had no issues at the airport, which serm to be rare these days.

After dropping off our bags at our hotel we headed out to lunch at a place around the corner. The food was fine but not remarkable.

We then headed to the duomo where we had our first gelato of the trip (that didn’t take to long, did it). I had a cafe and hazelnut cone and Irens had cafe and pistachio. The cafe was the most intensley coffee flavored gelato I’ve ever had. Delicious.

By this then it was time for our appointment to see the Last Supper.

Now we are resting in our hotel room. We’ll probably head out a bit later to take in the sights, but will most likely make an early night of it.

Tomorrow we’ll go to the duomo and then take the noon train to the lake district. That’s all for now.

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