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Day 12-13 — Siena

We know the question you’re all asking yourselves-“Is Burnt Siena really like the crayola color?” Ken took lots of pictures, of course, to put an end to the debate. Ken’s pulling at my arm telling me to post today’s gelato flavors. Frankly, I find this daily gelato update to be a little boastful, but–as he is my travel guide–I must make him happy. Today we stopped in at a place between our hotel and Il Campo that hailed the most pleasing coffee flavor by Ken’s standards since (the elusive) Grom, which–thanks for notifying us, Jeff–can also be had in New York. So go. Go to New York. Buy your tickets now. Get Grom. Yes, now, the other flavors were some sort of biscotti mix, which Ken judiciously paired with the coffee flavor, and I had a gelati mix that I dub “the Mounds”, that’s coconut and chocolate. (And I concur with Ken’s assessment on the quality of this particular gelateria.)

With that out of the way, we can also tell of the excellent weather which we’ve had so far. The only time we saw rain was when we were on the train on our way here this morning, when we were well sheltered. Ken has done an excellent job of sheaparding us from one point to another. I highly recommend him as a guide.

My luggage is completely maxed out. I fell for the scarf and hat vendors in Firenze and now my pack is fit to burst. Our feet are properly toughened up from all the walking, and from the stairs we climbed in the Cinque Terre our calves are well-toned. Ken has also gotten over the cold that he contracted immediately after deboarding the plane to Italy. I bet he never mentioned he was contending with a cold. He’s stoic that way.

All righty. Happy thoughts. We’re well and happy.



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