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Day 2-3 — Varenna

Todays gelato flavors: cafe & crema for me, whisky and cocunut for Irene.
Review: todays gelato was a reflection of the town in which we got it (Bellagio), lovely to look at, creamy at first, but ultimately a little disappointing. The cafe was by far the weakest to date. The crema was good but couldn’t make up for the lack luster performance of it’s brother. I think Irene was more satisfied with hers. The whiskey flavor was pretty intense, in fact I think she was a little drunk by the time she was done.

The gelato we had in Varenna, on the other hand, was outstanding. The town itself is charming. Not nearly as crowded as it’s ritzy neighbor across the lake, but equally as picturesque. We’ve had a very relaxing day and a half here and should
be well rested for the madness of Venice tomorrow.

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