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Day 7-8 — Florence

Today’s gelato flavors: Sadly, we haven’t had any yet today, but when we do it will be from the place that we went yesterday, which oh my god, was amazing! So let me tell you about this place: it’s called Grom, and both Rick Steves and Let’s Go call the best place in town. It was only after we got there and I had a look at the place that I realized it’s the same place we went in Milan. The place whose cafe flavor has ruined all other, lesser cafe for me. The flavors are intense. This time I paired it with caramello which tasted like eating a spoonful of caramel with each bite. So why haven’t we gone today? Don’t worry, the day is not over. He only question is, “what will I pair the cafe with tonight.”

If it seems like this blog is focusing on gelato to much, well tough, it’s my blog.

Onward and upward (almost literally). We rolled into Florence around noon yesterday. After situating ourselves in our hotel we headed out for a bit of lunch. About a block down the street from our hotel I’d this charming litle square with about 4 or 5 different cafes. We chose one and had a very nice lunch. I must say that so far, Florence has had the best food of our trip.

So yesterday we did the RS audio renaissance (sp?) walk and then climbed the Duomo to Brunelschi’s dome to take in the view of Florence. All 436 steps of it. Really wasn’t that bad (the climb that is, the view was fantastic). Then we went to dinner, which was great.

Today we went to the Uffizi in the morning, and the Accademia in the afternon and the market between. We had an amazing sandwich, a great pasta, and an impressive salad.

We are back in that square now, but this time at the Irish pub ( there’s one in every city on earth, except for in Ireland, ironically). We are heading across the river for dinner in a bit. And tomorrow we head for Lucca.

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