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Further Love For Audio Tours

I don’t know why I love audio tours so much, but I do. I’ve written about them extensively in the past and will continue to hunt them down for whatever upcoming trips we might have.

Today, while browsing around on Audible I came across various audio tours of sites on the Yucatan Peninsula put together by a company called TekTrek. I’m glad I found them through Audible first and not just by stumbling across their web site, because if that had been the case I never would have been able to figure out where to get them as there is nothing on their site even indicating that they are for sale. Now I don’t want to tell them how to run their business, but it’s an oversight they may want to correct.

Anyway, when I start to research our Mexico trip, I will have a better idea which tours are for us, but I’m sure we’ll try out a couple of them if they fit into our itinerary.

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