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iPhone: Best Travel Accessory Ever — Part 2

In the last post I covered all of the apps that come pre-installed. This time I’ll be covering applications that I downloaded from the App Store. These range in price from free to $9.99.


Cost: Free. I can keep track of all my bank accounts with one glance so I will know when I start to run out of money.


Cost: $4.99. Allows me to keep track of my day to day spending. I can set up different categories such as lodging, transportation and food. And then I can see reports on how much we’ve spent so far.


Cost: Free. Keeps me up-to-date on the current exchange rate.

Lonely Planet Italian Phrase Book

Cost: $9.99. The usefulness of this one should be painfully obvious. The bonus is it not only shows you what the phrase is, it speaks it aloud for you so you can here the proper pronunciation.


Cost: $4.99. Allows me to upload PDFs and other files to my iPhone. I can keep handy maps to the various Rick Steves’ walking tours, hotel reservation confirmations, and train schedules.

I know there are a lot of reports out there right now about people experiencing problems with their iPhones, but I haven’t had any of these issues. Mine works perfectly.


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