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La Rambla

Barcelona is cool. So cool in fact that I’m regretting my decision not to bring a jacket. The idea of a jacket would have been absurd before now. It’s a bit of a nice break from the heat we’ve been experiencing.

On the 9th floor of the El Court Inglase department store is a cafeteria overlooking the Plaça de Catalunya and has a spectacular view of Barcelona. Best of all it’s free.

We have been in the habbit this last four days of heading back to our hotel in the late afternoon to recuperate and rest up for our eveneing paseo and dinner, but our hotel here in Barcelona is a bit of a dump so we are finding other places to relax. The shocking thing us that it’s only 10€ less a night than our four star hotel in Valencia. We had no idea how good we had it.

Today was laundry day again, and although it wasn’t a drop off service, it was quite painless. There were a couple of attendants there to do most of the work for you. So about an hour later we were done and ready to hit the city.

We headed to the Plaça de Catalunya and set off on a walking tour of La Rambla. The book warns that this is prime territory for pickpockets and scam artists. Didn’t seem that bad to me.

We did however see some one performing the shell game scam. Are there still people who fall for this? How could there possibly be any one who would? We saw him standing around with his cronies then suddenly he puts down the board and his friends start acting like they were random passers-by lured into the game. And just like that a crowd had formed. I suppose they must find some suckers or they wouldn’t keep doing it.

Tomorrow we get up early to got to the Sagrada Familia. Got to get there when it opens otherwise we could be waiting in line for the elevator to the roof for two hours.

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