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Toro, Toro!

After making an early evening of it we set out in the morning for Sevilla by way of Ronda, one of the white hill towns of Andalucia.

We only had a few hours there before needing to move on so our first stop was the bullring. It dates back to the early 1700s and is the largest in the world (according to the audio guide), which is kind of surprising as it really not very big.

The arena serves as a museum of the history of bull fighting as well as being an active arena, as evidenced by the blood stains left on the sand. The experience was pretty good. It gave a peak into the history and pagentry without having to experience any of the brutality of actual bull fighting.

Adjacent to the museum is a park overlooking the valley and has a spectacular view that stretches for miles.

Around the corner from there is the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) which spans a deep river gorge. It was completed in 1793 and replaced the old bridge which had been built in 1735 but collapsed six years later. Apparently they learned a lot about bridge building in the intervening years because the new bridge is still here.

After a quick lunch of pizza we headed off to Sevilla.

Oh yeah, we have been seeing a lot of this sign:

It makes me laugh.

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