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I’m constantly on the look out for new tools to help me organize our travels both before and during a trip. And I’ve posted about my love of the iPhone and the many apps that make it useful on trips (here and here). Not to long ago I came across the site and instantly knew I would be adding it to my arsenal.

It’s great for organizing all the different pieces of information that go into the make-up of a successful trip. And the best part is how much of it is automated. For example: after booking a flight, I forward the email confirmation from the airline to and it formats it and adds it to my itinerary. The same with hotels if you are staying at a somewhat major chain (which we rarely do), otherwise you can add reservation information using a template. You can add notes, web site links, articles, events, car rentals maps, directions and more.

They also have a free app for the iPhone so you can access your itinerary on the go. And if you don’t have an iPhone, you can print out your itinerary at home.

So if you are planning a trip, I recommend checking it out.

Update: I meant to say that as much as I love the web site, for viewing your itinerary, the iPhone app is actually better. It’s easier to see where one day stops and the next starts. The web site could do with a little more definition between days.

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