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We have arrived

Our first day got off to a rather inauspicious start when we showed up at our hotel only to find that they had lost our reservation. Even after I pulled up the confirmation email on my phone they were still insistant that there was no reservation. They claimed that the hotel had switched ownership since I had made the original reservation and it must not have gotten written down.

At which point we asked that even though they didn’t have our reservation, did they possibly have a room for us anyway?

This caused a great kerfuffle while they spent the next 30 minutes calling god knows who on the phone still trying to track down the original reservation only to declare at the end that they did in fact have a room but we could only have it for one night. They were very insistant and apologetic about this point but as our original reservation had only been for one night we were happy.

My parents had been standing by while all this was going on because they got into our hotel before we did and they aren’t even staying there.

It’s really very warm here. Very warm. I’m glad we didn’t come in the heat of summer. And we’ve all ready walked a lot. From our hotel down to Plaza Mayor where we strolled through the fabulous Mercado de San Miguel. Then on to the Palacio Real ( Royal Palace).

Honestly, I think that’s about the last royal palace I need to see in this life time. We’ve seen palaces in Paris, Vienna, Munich, Prague and probably a few more that I’m leaving out and at this point they all start to blend together. Not that it wasn’t nice. It was. But it was another nice palace. Meh.

Now we are back at our hotel were Irene has insisted we have a short siesta before meeting my parents for dinner later.

Tomorrow morning we pick up our rental car and drive to Toledo. Irene and I will be back in Madrid at the end of our trip to spend a few more days.


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