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Wedding Day

We’ve only been in Valencia for a few hours and all ready I’m sorry we won’t be staying longer.

As we strolled through the plazas that surround the cathedral in the center of town we saw not one, not two, but eight pairs of brides and grooms with photographers (and sometimes whole wedding parties) in tow. We even saw one pair being photographed in front of a fountain featuring Bachus in the Plaza de la Virgen (insert your own joke here).

Something cool we haven’t seen before: in front of the cathedral is a small scale model with signs pointing out all the relevant bits in Braille. There was also one behind the cathedral for the L’Almoina, the roman ruins under the Plaza del Arzobispo.

We just had the beat meal of the trip so far at the Cafe Paris, which, despite it’s name, had nothing to do with French cooking. It was as Spanish a meal as we’ve had so far.

One last thing before I go to bed: Valencia has some great street art.

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