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An apartment in Paris

Plans are really starting to firm up for our trip.

Over the weekend I wired the deposit for our apartment in Paris. It’s near the Canal St. Martin and across the street from a metro stop (important). The neighborhood isn’t exactly in the center of things but it’s near enough that everything is easily accessible (also important). We will be stationed there for a week before moving on to Provence. The apartment even has a washer and dryer which is a very nice little bonus.

I found the place through Paris Attitude, and so far my dealings with them have all been smooth and professional. I will update on the rest of the process when we get back from our trip (or on our trip, depending on how much internet access we can swing).

The only other major thing to do before we leave is rent a car, which I will look into more thoroughly next month.

Oh, and figure out were we’ll be staying in the various stops in Provence and Nice.

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