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There’s a scene in Blue where Juliette Binoche is sitting on her own in a café, she orders a coffee and when it arrives she picks up a sugar cube and dips the corner of it into the cup. The camera holds on the cube as it slowly absorbs the coffee and turns brown. It’s little moments like these that make this film such a pleasure.

Binoche plays Julie Vignon, the wife of France’s most celebrated composer. The movie opens with a car accident that claims the life of her husband and child and leaves Vignon in the hospital. When she recovers she decides to start her life over, selling her house and all her possessions and moving into a small Paris apartment.

The plot revolves around her attempts to get her life together and various outsiders attempts to her husbands final composition which was almost complete at the time of his death. By the end of the movie we’re not entirely sure that it wasn’t in fact Vignon herself who was responsible for her husbands music.

It’s a beautiful film, and I highly recommend it. It is the first in the Three Colors Trilogy by Krzysztof Kieslowski. They are all well worth seeing, but Blue is the only one set primarily in Paris.

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