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Bonjour encore

Ken says:
We are five days into our trip and have been running around like mad people. We've done the Louvre, the Arc, the d'Orsay, Ste-Chapelle, and beaucoup walking around. Beacoup!
Last night we were meant to catch up with France at the Arc, but she never turned up. So we popped in here (Cyber Cube) to see if she left us an email, which she did. Hopefully we'll meet up with her tonight.
A week in Paris seems like a long time, but it's still not nearly long enough. I feel like we'll still miss half the things on the list. We'll just have to come back.
Irene says:
Paris lives up to its reputation and more so.  My impression is it's endless.   After my office job, my feet will soon be going on strike, so perhaps it's just as well that we are headed for the quieter South of France in just a few days – Friday morning.  In the meanwhile, I'm absorbing this amazing city at the rate I best can.  As for hoping to see it all.  C'est impossible, alas.
Best thoughts and wishes. 
Irene and Ken


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