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Cinèma Trail

Cinèma Trail is a new website produced by, the official tourist website for Paris, to coincide with their new promotion campaign “Paris au Cinèma”. Here is an article from the New York Time about it.

I must say I love the idea behind the promotion, but the web site is a bit flawed in the execution. For instance there is a section called Wanders and Walks. Now a title like that would lead one to believe that is contained walking tours of locations used in various films, but not really. It instead offers general descriptions of films shot at in a particular location without providing details.

I was hoping for something more along the lines of the Rick Steves walking tours. In particular, a map with spots marked off and a short description of what was shot there and when.

I think this is still a good idea, and perhaps someone will come up with something along these lines sometime.


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