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On Mexico

To date my experience with Mexico has been confined to a trip to Cancun with my family when I was young, and a few border crossings to places like Juarez and Nogales. This is unfortunate because Mexico has long been a place that I would like to explore, but for some reason it’s never at the top of the list when it comes time to plan a trip. What I really needed was an excuse, and now I have one.

Our friends J and W recently decided that in celebration of 10 years together they would tie the knot in Mexico. In Tulu, on the Yucatan Peninsula to be exact. I’m very excited about this even if it is more than a year away (January ’08).

And while a year is a long time, it’s never too early to start planning, I say. And so to that end I have set up a Mexico resource page that I will be updating and expanding as plans progress.

Also, I ordered Moon Handbooks Yucatan guide.

We will most likely only have 10 days, so we won’t be able to see everything and I’ve got a lot of reading to do to see how our limited time can be best spent. If anybody has any suggestions or recommendations please pass them along.


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