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On Travel Festivals and Planning

Twice a year Rick Steve’s hosts travel festivals at his headquarters (located a convenient 30 minutes away from us in Edmonds, WA). Now mostly these are put together to help sell his tours, but one can glean a lot of useful information and ideas even if one as no intention of taking a tour.

This was our third or fourth time going to the festival, and was by far the most helpful. We attended two classes, one on France presented by Steve Smith, the coauthor of the Rick Steves’ France books, and one was an intro to french for travelers.

While I didn’t really learn anything in either class, the France class was nice because I got to see pictures of most of the places I’ve been reading about. I think Irene probably got more out of them than me because she’s a bit behind on the reading and this class helped motivate her to start reading the books.

After the class though, thanks to our friend G, who is an editor at Rick Steves, I was able to talk to Smith himself and run my itinerary by him to see what he thought. I was a little worried that I was trying to cram too much in and that my expectations were a bit unrealistic, but he reassured me that my plan was indeed doable. He also offered a few suggestions for me to mull over. I don’t know that I’ll change anything because I’m pretty confident in my planning, though, and the reasons for scheduling things they way I did.

In other news, I booked our tickets for our flight from Nice back to Paris on EasyJet. It was a little more expensive than I was expecting, but still only cost $80, which, considering the time it’s saving us, is a bargain.

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