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Pocket Maps

“I’ve come up with something I’m really quite excited about: pocket maps.

Let me explain.

You may recall this post from a while back in which I made location maps for sites and shops of interest and put them on my iPod. And I still like that idea, but the problem comes when you don’t have your iPod out or don’t want to take it out, for whatever reason. That’s were pocket maps come in.

Using the technique detailed here and the fantastic Wayfaring web site (you could also just use Google Maps), I created a booklet showing the locations of various museums around New York city. I plan to create a few more of these for carrying around (stores, restaurants, etc.) and the great thing about them is they fit conveniently into the back pocket of a Molskine.

I offer up a PDF of my New York City Museum map to any one who wants it. Feel free to print it and disseminate at will.

Down load the PDF here.

The museums included in this Pocket Map are: Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, International Center of Photography, Skyscraper Museum, Neue Gallerie, Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim.

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