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Pod Guides

There are a number of different guides available for downloading and storing on your iPod to make your travels better. Some of them use the Notes section of your iPod, and some use the Photos section. Here are a few that I have come across:

Rough Guides Podscrolls—I just found this one today and downloaded the guides for Amsterdam, Paris and New York. It uses the Photos section of the iPod, so you have to create albums in iPhoto and sync them through iTunes. Only a few cities are offered at this time.

Pod CityGuides—This one has a ton of cities on offer and stores them in the Notes section, so they take up relatively little space. Pod CityGuides updates frequently too, so it’s a good idea to check the site to make sure you have the most current version before you travel.—The guy that runs this site has chopped up subway maps from various cities and formatted them to fit on the iPod screen. There are versions for both the iPod Photo and iPod with video. I’m not sure how useful they are in the field as it’s hard to get a sense of overall position, but if you know where you need to go you may be all right. Great idea anyway.

There are more of course. I know that the Seattle Weekly offers a dining guide for the iPod and I’ve heard tell of one that lists pizza places in New York. Or you could always make your own, of course.

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