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The Strange Economics Of Rental Cars

There comes a time when you find yourself at the whims of the strange and convoluted rules of the travel industry, in which logic not only doesn’t apply, but has in fact been taken round the back and beaten into the shape of white is black, up is down and frogs are allergic to the color green. And so the round shape of your trip must conform to fit the star shaped hole provided.

Our original itinerary had us renting a car for four days, but as it turns out, it’s the same price, or cheaper, to rent a car for a week. And so things are set in motion, plans are altered and new schemes are worked out to accommodate this new information.

On the whole, this isn’t entirely a bad thing. Now instead of spending two nights in Avignon and one night in Arles, I think we will be either spending all three nights in Avignon (because there is a definite advantage to camping out in one place and day tripping from there) or one night in Avignon and two nights in Arles (because I’ve read that Arles is more friendly for cars). Right now I’m leaning towards staying put in one place. But that could change.

The other change will be driving from the Luberon to Nice instead of taking a train, which will allow us to stop along the way if we desire and frees up all kinds of time schedule wise.


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