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Under The Roofs Of Paris

There’s a character in Under The Roofs Of Paris who bears a remarkable resemblance to John Cleese, I have no point in bringing this up other than I found it amusing.

This charming little movie from the 1930’s is one of the early “talkies” and it’s interesting to see how it still retains much of the conventions of silent film, whilst seeming to be a little uncertain what to do with this new fangled sound thing. Consequently music is featured prominently. Not a musical, per se, but many of the scenes focus around groups of people singing a song as this must have seemed like the most obvious thing to do with the new technology.

The story revolves around a song selling Frenchman and his pursuit of a beautiful young woman who is being pursued by the evil John Cleese look alike. Complications ensue. It’s most worth watching for the glimpses of Parisian life and cityscapes from the early part of the 20th century. Fun movie.

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