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Further Adventures in Travel Planning

I feel I should post an update on how the planning is going, so here it is.

Remember last time when I said I thought I had the itinerary pretty well fixed? Well I’ve changed it. After much deliberation, juggling, rearranging and other machinations, I have decided that there is nothing for it but to drop Lyon from the trip. This made me a little sad, but things just fit more easily with it gone, so it went. Also, I have dropped the amount of time we are spending in the Riviera to three days instead of five and added the extra time to Provence.

I have updated the itinerary to the right to reflect these changes.

Now, a lot of this schedule is dependent on the renting of a car for four days, which is dependent on finding a good deal on an automatic (I can’t drive manuel and Irene has expressed a reluctance to drive). And even so, it is an extremely packed schedule (which is a bit of a speciality with me), but should be doable.

The Riviera section is still a bit nebulous, as I am just now reading that section of the book. It should be firmed up fairly soon though.

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